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Studio Setup

Hi all,

after requests from the Cebas forum, I decided to start a small serie of studio setups for FR (I will probably make some for Vray as well).
So, here is the first one, with two different objects. The characteristics of this studio are :
– two reflection planes, with slightly different materials
– one main light and one fill light
– light dome with gradient
– gradient shaders applied to reflections and glossiness on the ground, to get variations from top to bottom
– GI settings for fast render for those interested (rendered in less than 9 minutes at this size on my old school dual Xeon 3.2Ghz)
– Glow post effect (within Final Render)
– no post prod, but it could use some level correction, of course

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Hello everybody,

I am pleased to announce that I can now offer online training for Cinema4D one on one, or group workshops.
Tutoring is available for Bodypaint, Rigging, Modeling, Animation, VrayforC4D, Final Render for C4D, as well as various modules and plugins, and software pipelines such as Zbrush, Mudbox and UVLayout for use within Cinema4D.

The classes are taught online, and customized to fit your needs. No time wasted traveling to the classroom, the hours for each lesson are yours to choose, undivided attention of the teacher for personal training, and easy access to knowledge are all part of the benefits.

Using a desktop sharing application as well as voice communication makes sharing and learning a fun and painless experience.

My rates for personal tutoring are 55$/hour, and 100$ per person, for a 2-3hours workshop (10 persons maximum).
Requirements :
– Skype (Available for Mac and PC at
– Microphone to communicate with your teacher
– Preferably Cinema4D R10, but R9 is possible if necessary
– Webcam is optional
– classes in english or french language
– credit card for payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or a Paypal account

Schedule a session today by sending me an email at


Bonjour à tous,

j’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que je peux désormais offrir des cours en ligne sur Cinéma4D, cours particuliers ou ateliers de groupes.
Une formation est possible concernant Bodypaint, le Rigging, l’animation, la modélisation, VrayforC4D, Final Render, ainsi que divers aspects, plugins et modules liés à Cinéma4D et les méthodologies de travail entre Zbrush, Mudbox, UVLayout et Cinéma4D.
Les cours sont enseignés en ligne, personnalisés selon vos besoins. Pas de perte de temps en déplacements vers son organisme de formation, vous définissez vos horaires et je m’adapte à vos besoins, attention complète du formateur en ce qui concerne les cours particuliers, et accès facile à la connaissance font tous partie des avantages de cette formule.

Utiliser une application de partage de bureau et communiquer en direct font de partager et apprendre une expérience agréable et sans douleur.

Mes tarifs pour cours particuliers sont de 55$/heure (environ 40¤/heure), et 100$ (environ 70¤) par personne pour un atelier en groupe durant 2 à 3 heures selon le sujet.

Sont nécessaires pour cette formation :
– le logiciel Skype (disponible pour Mac et PC sur
– un microphone pour communiquer avec le formateur
– de préférence Cinéma4D R10, mais possibilité d’enseigner sur la R9 si nécessaire
– une webcam (optionnel)
– parler français ou anglais
– une carte de crédit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) ou un compte Paypal

Prenez rendez-vous pour une cession aujourd’hui en me contactant sur

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Grenfell Update

Hello, here is an update on my docteur Grenfell character. Color map, displacements and normal maps are placed, all need refinement now. To be continued…

grenfell4.jpg grenfell5.jpggrenfell6.jpg

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Droplets in Vray

Here is a simple technique to make a water droplets shader in Vray by using a negative displacement shift and duplicating the object.


The first object has the beer can material, the second one the displaced water droplets material.
We then use a negatie shift value so that everything that is black in our droplets map will be displaced under the beer can object. That way, only the tip of each drop will be visible, and we can fake our droplets on the beer can.


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Docteur Grenfell

Howdy “Fluffers”,

here is a work in progress of Docteur Grenfell which I have to make for a movie project.
For the moment the hair is sculpted but I might possibly take the Hair module road, since it needs to be stylised, but somewhat realistic as well.
It will all depend on the output of the Hair tests once I’ve done them, so stay tuned for updates.

Anyway, enough blabbering, here is the current progress.

P.S: Suggestions, criticizms are more than welcome, but the face is set, agreed upon by the client.


Wire and smoothed views, with normal maps inside C4D (final render will be done with displacement and normal maps).

grenfell_wire1.jpg grenfell_normals.jpg

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