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Permalink to Kingsford WIP

Kingsford WIP

Here are two small videos showing the work in progress of the character animations I did for Kingsford.

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Permalink to Executioner – UVs

Executioner – UVs

Finally finished unfolding the UVs for this character.

So many little objects, fortunately UVLayout allows to automate/stack things easily.

Here are the UVs:


And the mesh with a numbered tile texture to make sure the UVs are not too stretched, and the orientation and flow are correct (the green lines show where I cut my seams, and the red parts show where the UVs start to stretch a bit – still within reasonnable stretching values) :


Zbrush time now, baby!

Permalink to Executioner with a soft side

Executioner with a soft side

Hey, even executioners need some help to sleep at night.

After all, nobody likes them…


Permalink to Executioner – Update

Executioner – Update

Finally whipped out some hands for this dude. Still lots more work to be done.

I also attach a second progress shot, I’m not going to post a new message for this (arm bands/armor, face detailing and various little details starting to creep up).

I attach a little wireframe view as well, so you can check out the topology.


Permalink to Executioner


Hi everybody,

here is a character I started to take a break from work and finally go back to some more personal stuff 🙂

Here are a few evolution shots. It started out as a Zsphere model, converted from Zbrush to C4D where I redrew the topology and added some details. Once I’m finished adding details in C4D, I’ll go back to Zbrush for some detailing, then back to C4D to render.. weeh.


Wireframes to follow.

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