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Grenfell Update

Hello, here is an update on my docteur Grenfell character. Color map, displacements and normal maps are placed, all need refinement now. To be continued…

grenfell4.jpg grenfell5.jpggrenfell6.jpg

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Docteur Grenfell

Howdy “Fluffers”,

here is a work in progress of Docteur Grenfell which I have to make for a movie project.
For the moment the hair is sculpted but I might possibly take the Hair module road, since it needs to be stylised, but somewhat realistic as well.
It will all depend on the output of the Hair tests once I’ve done them, so stay tuned for updates.

Anyway, enough blabbering, here is the current progress.

P.S: Suggestions, criticizms are more than welcome, but the face is set, agreed upon by the client.


Wire and smoothed views, with normal maps inside C4D (final render will be done with displacement and normal maps).

grenfell_wire1.jpg grenfell_normals.jpg

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