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Final Render OSX – Update

Cebas posted a news release about the OSX version of Final Render.
Check the video to see it in action 😀

Press release page

5 Comments to Final Render OSX – Update

  1. nikolas

    At last! one of the best render engine available on Mac! really great 🙂 By the way, congratulations on your new website 😉

  2. :em23: Arff ! Just buyed Vray. Great blog Fluffy and nice design. Thanks for the link to my website. I will update soon mine to yours. :em29:

  3. Fluffy

    Welcome aboard, guys :em16:

  4. Excellent idea this blog !
    And like usual, very good design ! (i like especialy the smileys) :em14:

    Thanks for the link to my website man ! 😉

  5. shtl

    At least! :em18:
    Great news, great renderer!
    Also catched Vray but ahh!
    3 is a magic number ^^

    Yup great Blog, and very cool smileys.
    It make me wanna post to use them all :em13:

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