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Signaline – Shots Details

A few progress shots done for the Signaline project.

A little bit of explanation about that character: in France, we do not have a tooth fairy, but a mouse who comes at night and gets lost teeth from under the child’s pillow. In exchange, it usually leaves a coin or small present. Same principle, different character. The “super” aspect of the mouse was just a spin on the theme.

This was the first shot I animated. It was great fun to try and match Clément Vaucelle’s animation style, who is, in my opinion, one of the best C4D animators out there. It’s always good to be pushed and inspired by talented people.

This shot shows some lip synching. Not necessarily happy with it, but I think it works well.

All dynamic effects were animated by hand. The ears, cape and tail. We tried using Cloth in C4D, but it kept giving us weird results when animations were fast and twitchy, so we ended up rigging a few chains of joints to the cape and animated them manually.

Once again, a shot featuring dynamic effects, and character interaction with the environment.

I like this shot, that’s gotta hurt!

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  1. pfx

    Nice work Sébastien, looking forward to the final animation.

  2. Thanks Chris, you can see some of the final animation in the portfolio 😉

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