At a time when movies rack in millions of dollars (heck, even billions nowadays), VFX studios are going under due to unfair competition and unreasonable compensation. All that tacked to insane timelines that squeeze budgets even more and push workers to lower their working standards far too much.

VFX workers do not have any union protections (contrary to most professions in the film industry), are most of the time hired freelancers with no job security whatsoever and no social net that they can carry from one job to the other. This would be fine if their work was rewarded accordingly, but this is far from the case because the industry keeps pushing to maximize profits and using its monopolistic leverage to keep prices down and exploit the cheap labor that can be found elsewhere.

Without special effects, most movies would look like crap. Sadly, the digital effects industry is currently suffering and its sustainability is at risk.

Would be good for a modern society to enforce competitive fairness and offer better social safety nets, if it wants to continue to enjoy its popcorn.

Just sayin’


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