[toggle open=”true” title=”Profile”]My name is Sébastien Florand (aka “Fluffy”), French born and currently living in North Carolina, USA as a freelance 3D generalist.

I worked two years for “Science & Vie” magazine in Paris (the french equivalent of the “Scientific American” magazine) as a 2D/3D illustrator, then moved on to work a year as a 2D/3D illustrator for Artpresse, a leading illustration company based in Paris, where I illustrated for most french magazines (more than 70 different titles, from “National Geographic” to “Le Monde”). After moving to the US, I worked two years for Altéa Conseils where I did 2D and 3D illustrations and animations for both print and websites. Finally, I decided to fly on my own for the last 8 years and worked on a multitude of projects as a freelancer, for a variety of clients.

[toggle title=”Software Used”]Cinema4D, Vray, Zbrush, UVlayout, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects[/toggle]

[blockquote align=”left”]Experience[/blockquote]

More than 10 years working for a variety of clients means there are no jobs too big or too small. With experience also comes maturity, patience, and a knack for listening. Respecting and improving a client idea is part of the services provided. This means you won’t have to micromanage a project or fight to get your ideas across. It also means I am flexible enough to tackle almost anything, and also maintain a network of trusted freelancers forged over the years, whom I can call upon for very specialized tasks or extra fingers.


[blockquote align=”right”]Polyvalence[/blockquote]
From character animation to architectural visualisation or special effects… a broad area of expertise and years working as an independent help tackle any kind of project. Working with a variety of people on different projects also means a good sense of teamwork. Most times the quality of work relies not only on talent, but also on managing various personalities. Knowing when to step in to offer artistic input, or withdraw so a member of the team can shine, can mean all the difference between a passable or an excellent project output, and a deadline met. It also means judging where most people’s strengths are, harvesting them and putting them to good use. Sometimes this implies taking on the thankless or repetitive tasks. That said, it is rewarding to express one’s art fully, and I try to bring as much flair as I can to each project.


[blockquote align=”left”]Satisfaction[/blockquote]

Because this is ultimately your project, I strive to keep you satisfied and pleased with the overall result. Of course, this also means I will bring as much artistic value and guidance as possible to the project, in order to turn an abstract idea into a concrete, polished product. Client satisfaction also means a fair and clear estimate of the work needed and costs. Communication is key, from start to finish, so that both you and I are satisfied when a job is done.