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Final Render OSX – Update

Cebas posted a news release about the OSX version of Final Render.
Check the video to see it in action 😀

Press release page

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Vray for C4D available

Vray for Cinema 4D is available as of now.

Order your copy from

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Final Render for Mac OSX

After a few years delay, Final Render for Macintosh seems to be finally around the corner.
More details next week 🙂

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Roll-It v1.0

A new full fledged expression to roll anything anywhere.
Original CGSociety thread :

Hi everyone!

We would like to present the new version of “Roll-It“, a C4D Plugin that easily lets objects roll.

Different to v0.9, that was made up of an xpresso node, it is now a fully integrated expression written in C++.

A lot of new features were added, too:

  • Now, you can roll nearly all kinds of objects, primitives and polygonal objects, no matter if they have a constant radius or not, e.g. they can even be animated with deformers
  • You can drop objects to the floor. And of course, your floor object doesn’t need to be a simple plane. Use unconverted, deformed or animated objects.
  • Additionally, you can add constant (global and local) rotation to your object.
  • Due to the fact that Roll-It is now a “tag”, all parameters can be keyed and used in Xpresso, too

To see how it works, have a look at a little example video:

Roll-it v1.0 presentation

You can download Roll-It for free here:

Roll-it v1.0

A manual and some examples files to download can be found there, too. Until now, it is only available in a PC version.

Oh, and if you like, feel free to download our little tool IncDup as well. It helps to duplicate objects incremental.

I hope you’ll have fun with the plugins and remember, all of them are free for private and commercial use


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Vray for C4D


Vray For Cinema4D will be available in September!
Preorders at a reduced price will end September the 4th, so be quick if you want a better deal.
Visit : for more information.

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