Georgia Aquarium

About the project

Georgia Aquarium spot for Sugar Film Production. I modeled and animated a few pieces here: foreground rocks and corals, fish hoop, lasso and jellyfish as well as set up all the materials and renders. This was a fun project, that required some rotoscoping of the 3D elements over the live action characters and some effects such as volumetrics, caustics and particles. Trying to match the background plate lighting and realism was also a nice challenge. As usual, the 3D work was implemented seamlessly by the guys at Sugar Film.

Credits: Directed by Chris Smith | Editing, VFX and color correction: Daniel Birnbaum

Services provided

  • Modeling (rocks, fish, jellyfish, lasso)
  • Animation (keyframing, Mograph, TP)
  • Vray Render, lighting and material setup
  • SFX (volumetrics, caustics, particles)


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