About the project

Architectural animation featuring a proposal to repurpose a large area in the center of Paris with a mix of commercial mall and apartment complexes. The goal was to convey a sense of close relationship between quality of life and practicality, and since space is scarce in Paris, all living buildings are built on top of the mall, using its roof as gardens. I was hired to model a good part of the buildings as well as the street mall and rig a set of characters so they could be posed in the shots, as well as rig the tramway.

Credits: 3D modeling Luc Cicognola, Jean-Philippe Sanquer and Sébastien Florand | Texturing, lighting, render setup, render management and animations by Luc Cicognola | Rigging by Sébastien Florand

Services provided

  • Modeling
  • Rigging

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