TireRack - Inevitable

About the project

One of three  TireRack.com spots for Sugar Film Production. I was hired to setup and manage all the Vray renders/materials and provide general technical direction. I also modeled and set up the giant rim and tire on the pull out shot. The challenge on these spots was to provide as much realism as possible to complement the integrated live action, all while maintaining low render times. Thumbs up for the guys at Sugar Film for all their hard work on filming, tracking and integrating the live action shots into the 3D renders.

Credits: Post production supervision by Chris Smith | Editing and Compositing by Daniel Birnbaum | 3D elements by Richard Powell and Sébastien Florand

Services provided

  • Technical direction
  • Vray render setup
  • Render management
  • Rim and tire modeling

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